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Periodontal Treatment

Soothe Those Sore Gums

The teeth (rightfully) get a lot of attention when it comes to dentistry, but your gums matter just as much for your oral health. Should they develop an infection (called periodontal/gum disease), this can remove important support for your teeth and expose the sensitive roots. It’s actually the leading cause of tooth loss around the world! Thankfully, early treatment can help avoid permanent damage before it develops. If you notice any early symptoms (swollen, red, sensitive, or bleeding gums), give us a call today—there is still time to save your smile with periodontal treatment in Colleyville, TX!

Woman sharing healthy smile after periodontal therapy

Why Choose Cassie Allison, DDS
for Periodontal Treatment?

What Exactly is Gum Disease?

Sile with inflamed gum tissue

If you don’t brush and floss regularly, you develop cavities, right? The same harmful oral bacteria can also accumulate below the gum line, leading to the infection we know as gum disease. In addition to the symptoms touched on above, gum disease has also been shown to be a leading risk factor for other serious overall health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and dementia. When it comes to this condition, taking care of your mouth benefits much more than your smile!

Scaling & Root Planing

Patient receiving scaling and root planing treatment

Scaling and root planing work together to remove the source of gum disease while also protecting a patient from future infections. A small scaler is used to break up and clean away any plaque and tartar buildup on the roots of the teeth, and then the roots are reshaped and smoothed out. This helps the gums heal more quickly and prevents bacteria from gathering around them again. A patient’s mouth is numbed during this procedure to ensure complete comfort.

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