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Beautiful & Custom-Made Smile Replacement Options

Do you have missing teeth that are negatively impacting your quality of life? Or, do you have ill-fitting, uncomfortable dentures? Dr. Cassie Allison combines her training and experience with the rest of our skilled team to offer completely personalized dentures in Colleyville. No matter what pattern of tooth loss you have, we will have an amazing solution. Keep reading to learn more about our dentures!

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Why Choose Cassie Allison, DDS for Dentures?

Who is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

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Missing teeth will not only impact your appearance, but they will also alter your day-to-day life. You may have to avoid some of your favorite foods just because they are hard to chew, or they may get caught in the gaps in your smile. Additionally, speaking can be difficult – you could find yourself with trouble pronouncing certain words. Plus, missing teeth cause embarrassment and self-consciousness. If these problems sound familiar, then dentures may be the perfect solution. For those who aren’t missing all their teeth along the arch, alternative treatments like dental implants or bridges may be ideal.  

Types of Dentures

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We offer different types of dentures to treat a variety of cases. During your initial consultation, Dr. Allison will carefully review your oral health and medical history before recommending one of the following:

Partial Dentures

Do you have gaps throughout your smile? Maybe you’re missing multiple teeth randomly? Our skilled dentist in Colleyville can use custom-made partial dentures to fill in these spaces like pieces of a puzzle. A partial denture is made up of artificial teeth that are help in place with wires or clasps. Attached to a gum-colored base, it will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your smile.

Full Dentures

If you’re missing all or most of your teeth, full dentures can provide you with a complete smile replacement. They are comprised of a gum-colored base, usually made of acrylic, which is attached to prosthetic teeth. Our dentures are custom-made to your exact specifications, and they rely on suction and adhesive to stay in place.

Implant Dentures

If you’re looking for the most stable, lifelike solution, implant dentures are a great alternative. They combine the benefits of dental implants and dentures to give you a full smile replacement that is firmly rooted in the jawbone. The surgically placed dental implants keep your bone strong while providing you with numerous lifechanging benefits like strength, confidence, and beauty.

The Benefits of Dentures

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Our dentures come with many benefits, including:

Understanding the Cost of Dentures

patient calculating cost of dentures in Colleyville

If you suffer from extensive tooth loss, you might be thinking about getting dentures in Colleyville. However, you probably want to know how much your entire treatment will cost before committing to it. Since every case is unique, the cost of dentures can vary significantly from person to person. During your consultation, Dr. Allison will conduct an oral examination and explain which factors will influence the total price. At the end of this appointment, you’ll have a much better understanding of not only what you can expect to pay, but what your future smile will look and feel like!

Factors that Affect the Cost of Dentures

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Keep in mind that several factors can influence the total cost of dentures in Colleyville. Some of those elements include:

  • Any preliminary dental needed before getting dentures (i.e., tooth extractions or root canal therapy)
  • The total number of teeth you’re missing
  • The materials your dentures will be made of (i.e., porcelain or acrylic)

Patients on a budget may be tempted to opt for cheaper dentures. However, that’s strongly discouraged because they tend to break easily and will require replacement much sooner than anticipated. When it comes to dental work, it’s always best to invest in a product that’s higher quality!

Are Implant Dentures More Expensive?

implant dentures in Colleyville

Yes, implant dentures are generally more expensive than traditional ones – but there’s a very good reason for that. Implant dentures require oral surgery and the placement of multiple dental implants, making them a more invasive procedure. However, this option is more reliable for day-to-day use because they offer unmatched stability and will not shift out of place while in use. Additionally, implants stimulate the jawbone to prevent its deterioration, providing you with increased biting strength and longevity. They can also last decades (sometimes even a lifetime!) with proper care and maintenance.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

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Since dentures are considered a major procedure, around 50% of their cost is usually covered by dental insurance. Of course, every policy is unique, meaning the exact amount of coverage received can vary significantly from patient to patient. Before committing to treatment, make sure you contact your insurance provider to confirm the details of your coverage. Our dental team will be more than happy to help with this step if needed.

Are you ready to rebuild your smile? Give us a call and schedule your consultation today! We’ll create a treatment plan to help you achieve your smile goals while keeping your total expenses as low as possible.

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